There are two main methods of ticketing at Adelaide Metro. Travelers can use MetroCard and metro ticket when riding local public transportation means. Both options are offering different benefits, and passengers are recommended to choose with considering mostly their travel frequency.


MetroCard can be purchased and added a minimum starting balance to it at many different locations across metropolitan Adelaide. InfoCentres at Adelaide Railway Station is offering the convenience of buying the cards right before entering the metro.

MetroCard represents an electronic smart card and is considered to be the best option when frequently traveling with public transport since it offers cheaper travel options than in case of Daytrip or Single trip tickets.

The card provides safe, convenient, and handy features when registering. These features include the possibility of checking the balance online, besides InfoLine, MetroCard agent, and InfoCentre.

In case a user loses the card or it gets stolen, the balance stays protected if the card is registered. This means that there is an option of canceling the card with the existing balance being transferred to a new MetroCard.

Another great feature is that it offers the convenience of auto-recharge, meaning that when the card balance reaches a minimum balance, it will be automatically recharged from the nominated MasterCard or Visa credit card. For setting up the auto-recharge option, user's cards should be registered. When riding board public transport, all travelers have to do is touch MetroCard against the yellow validator inside the door. At Adelaide Railway Station, riders should touch the card to enter and exit. The fare will be automatically deducted from the value on the card.


MetroTicket is a paper ticket that represents a good option for infrequent public transport riders or those who are not interested in purchasing a MetroCard.

Single trip tickets can be used within two hours after the first validation for bus, train, or tram services.

Daytrip tickets provide users with the convenience of unlimited travel all day until 04:30 am. Children under 15 years who are accompanied by an adult with day trip ticket can travel free on weekends, school, and public holidays.

Metro tickets can be purchased on board from the driver of any bus service or from a vending machine that is located on board of every train and tram service.

However, passengers should consider that it is required to have an exact change to buy metro tickets on board.