Fares at the Adelaide Metro railway are not always the same. The price is mostly based on traveling hours. Hours differ depending on the capacity. This means that cost will be different for riders who are traveling in peak periods from those who use Adelaide Metro in interpeak hours.

Peak trips

Peak times at Adelaide Metro railway are considered to be before 09:00 am and after 03:00 pm, Monday through Friday and all day on Saturdays.

When paying with regular MetroCard, the fee in the indicated time gaps is $3.77. Single trip MetroTicket price is $5.60.

Interpeak trips

Interpeak time is from 09:00 am to 03:90 Monday to Friday, all Sunday and public holidays. At this time, MetroCard pass costs $2.07 with a single trip metro ticket that costs $3.70.

Primary and Secondary Students

Primary and secondary school students. Kids between five and fourteen years of age. If children are fifteen years of age or older, they must carry an approved photo ID card.

Student MetroCard costs $1.26 during peak hours, and interpeak trips can be purchased at the price of $1.

The price for student single trip metro ticket for peak hours is $2.80 with the half during the interpeak time.

Student Daytrip's metro ticket rate is $5.30.


Riders of 60 years or older who are permanent South Australia residents and do not work more than twenty hours per week in paid employment should pay $1.87 in peak hours with seniors MetroCard. Traveling by taking interpeak trips is free of charge.