App information


MetroMATE is the only official public transportation app for Adelaide Metro. The app is available for IOS as well as Android devices.

The app has a lot of great features that will help inexperienced travelers to move aroud the area. The app offers the convenience of a notification system that allows users to receive voice notification that will tell them when to get off at their selected stop. Nearby stops mode will help travelers to locate them and the nearest stops and services in the area. By using real-time transport journey planning, it is possible to see all possible journey options.

After downloading an app and progressing through the initial start-up screens, customers will be asked to add their first destination. After selecting an tapping on the destination category icon and being taken to the search screen, users can type in and choose the first location to travel to. After selecting the destination, it is possible to start planning the journey by choosing the preferred transportation option, routes, and connecting modes. By tracking the GPS location, the app will notify the user with an activated alert sound that will inform users regarding approaching the desired destination. Both planned and unplanned alerts are shown by an alert symbol.

For informing travelers about details, there is a possibility of viewing a full line route by tapping on Stop Mode and choosing a line to view. When tapping on the spots along the way, the line will also reveal the stop numbers. MetroMATE was designed to use the accessibility settings of the mobile device. These include Android TalkBack and Magnification gestures and IOS VoiceOver and Zoom.